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Drake Hollow

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Drakes are loosely based on the mythological Mandrake creature, but rather than being creepy mummified roots (like in Harry Potter) they more resemble tiny leafy toddlers with lots of personality. The overall objective of Drake Hollow becomes collecting the different Drakes that are spread throughout the world and returning them to the home base where you can grow and protect the little guys. Unlike some survival games that don't have much in the way of an overarching objective, protecting and collecting the Drakes becomes a really good reason to keep playing and progressing through Drake Hollow. Especially because in order to obtain more complicated crafting items, players will first need to collect and level up as many Drakes as they can.

Why do they need your help Well, because they are hungry, thirsty, and need a safe place to live since savage beasts from the hollow are threatening this land! Build a place where they can live in, provide them with food, water, a place to sleep, and, above all, security! Join up to three friends and discover what is the Hollow and what happened to the people that apparently lived here before your arrival. And prepare to defend the peaceful Drakes against the dangers of this tainted land!

You need to work your way with drakes and build up their power and save the hollow. Once you are in the hollow find your way to the to shrine with a crystal in the middle and activate it. This will be your camp which you need to upgrade by collecting different kinds of resources. 59ce067264


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